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Plumbing Services

Plumbing services in Dubai

Noor Al Madeena offers the best plumbing services and is one of the top brands in the industry for countless reasons. If you are looking for an excellent plumbing service in Dubai, choose us as we offer affordable plumbing, honestly. We have up-front pricing with hassle free services. We are the most trusted plumbing service provider in Dubai. We treat your home just like you treat it. We offer a number of plumbing services. Read on to know more.

Plumbing Services

Installation & Emergency Repair
  • Installation, repair, replacement of sanitary and plumbing fixtures.
  • We work for commercial, residential and industrial buildings.
  • Plugging of pipe leakage and pipe installation.
  • Supply and installation of water heaters.
  • New or re-piping using copper, PVC or stainless pipes.

We do the dirty work for you. And if you’re looking for Plumbing Services in Ajman, contact us right away. We work on multiple dimensions and provide affordable but professional services. We clear the clogged pipes, toilet bowls, basins, floor traps and manholes. We offer excellent results in replacement and repairing of toilet flooring, shower screens,andaluminium doors. Noor Al Madeena is also known to give the best outcomes in replacements or repairs of water taps, mixer taps, piping, flexible hoses, basins, toilet bowls, sink bowls ,flush cisterns and related accessories.

Kitchen, bathroom plumbing services

We always offer mess-free, hassle-free services. Our experts do kitchen repairs ,faucet repairs, and drain cleaning. We offer the following services:

  • Leaky faucet repair.
  • Drain clog removal.
  • Installation or repair of shut-off valves.
  • Installation of new water or drain pipe lines.
Bathroom repairs, toilet plumbing

Noor Al Madeena has the best Plumbers in Dubai. We have seen it all and can fix anything. In this category we give these below services (but not limited to) ”

  • Replace or repair shower heads.
  • Fix slow flushing or constantly running toilets.
  • Removal of drain clog.
  • Shower valve replacements.
  • Toilet blockage removal.
Basement, laundry room, outdoor plumbing services

Noor Al Madeena is the brand, you can count on. We offer outdoor plumbing services as well. The service includes “

  • Repair or replace sump-pumps.
  • Replace damaged or broken laundry hose.
  • Replace or repair backwater valve.
  • Cleaning blockages in the main drain sewer lines.
Kitchen plumbing upgrades

The right kitchen fixtures add value to your home. We offer a selection of hardware with installation services. With our services, the heart of your home, your kitchen makes a different impression on the guests.

Why connect us?

Noor Al Madeena is ready to handle any plumbing emergencies, anytime . We are known for fair rates and outstanding services. So, the challenge is big or small, we fix it all. We always do it right and perfect.